The Weekend Wonders of 3/4/17

Oh happy weekend!

After working six days in a row this week I’m really happy to get some rest.  I even managed to finagle an extra day off this weekend and won’t be heading back to work until Tuesday.  How awesome it that?

What will I be doing with this extra day, you ask?  Well, there is one thing that has been on my mind lately.  Taxes.  I should really start working on them.  The tax deadline is slowly approaching.

Did you know we get a few extra days to file taxes this year?  The tax deadline is April 18th this year.  The 15th is on a Saturday and the 17th is an observed holiday.  Lucky us!

Welcome to the first edition of the Weekend Wonders!

I want to start featuring articles and blog posts that inspire me, and hopefully inspire you as well!  You know, those posts that you read, and then can’t get out of your head.  This way I’ll have them in an easy to find location and I can easily re-read them whenever I want!

How to Save $50k in One Year

In this blog post , Matt from Distilled Dollar explains in detail how he and his fiancée managed to save over $50,000 last year.  Saving large amounts of money isn’t that difficult if you adopt some of his strategies.   This post even inspired a CNBC article.  Way to go Matt! Continue reading “The Weekend Wonders of 3/4/17”

My Site Was Shut Down!

Does anyone else longingly plan vacations that they won’t take for several years?  I just found myself on the AAA website looking at cruises to the Caribbean.  A girl can dream, right?


So I’ve been scared to blog for a little while now because my site got shut down due to malware last month.  When it got shut down I received an e-mail that said it was shut down due to performance problems and I needed to call them right away.

I’m a procrastinator, so I called a couple of weeks later.

After waiting to talk to someone for half an hour I finally got through to a technician.  It turns out one of my files had malware.  She couldn’t tell me which file.  She told me I could go through each file and delete the malware if I knew what I was looking for.

I didn’t.

She then asked me if I knew anyone who could look at my blog and fix the malware issue.

I don’t.

She then said I could either buy some super expensive SiteLock thing and that would fix the malware problem or I could basically start a new blog.


I think she could hear the desperation in my voice when I pleaded with her that there had to be something else that could be done.

She eventually just deleted my plugins and reset my blog.  A couple of images got deleted, and I had to reinstall my plugins, but I think the site is back to what it was.

I’ve since downloaded a couple of anti-malware plugins and haven’t had any issues.  However, I also haven’t blogged at all since the site got shut down.

I really hope that’s the last time that happens to me.  I’ve been reading other blogs and it seems that Bluehost is starting to be known for shutting down sites and bullying people into buying that crazy expensive SiteLock.  Not cool Bluehost, not cool.

For someone with a tiny blog and absolutely no techie experience, that was a scary situation.

Has your site ever been shut down due to malware?  How do you protect your site?