Halfway to My Year-End Goal! and My June Financial Update with Net Worth

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2017 is half over! I'm on my way of reaching my financial goal for the year! This financial update also includes my financial update with net worth.Welcome to June’s Financial Update!

We are a little over halfway through 2017, and I am a little over halfway to my financial goal for 2017!  I have a lofty goal this year of reaching $150k net worth by the end of the year and I am on track to reach it.  Yay!!

I ended 2016 with a net worth of $105,741.88.  To reach my goal, I need to increase my net worth by $44,258 in one year.  Making a salary of around $45,000.  And I’m now halfway there!  Thanks to the incredible stock market ride we’re on, and being pretty darn frugal, I’m doing something I really didn’t think was possible!

I’m not gonna lie, it feels pretty awesome!

June Recap

The biggest (and best) thing that happened in June was the trip to Aruba that Mr. Frugal Turtle and I enjoyed.  We spent one glorious week there and it was way too short.  I did a full recap of the trip in the post The Pros and Cons to Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort.  Check it out!

Once we got back from our trip and we were back to the same old routine, I brought my car in to get my oil changed.  I’ve had my ABS light on my dash on for about a month and the worker there told me that there’s an issue with my wheel bearing.  It’s going to be a $300 fix.  Great.  My car’s only worth at most $1,000.  I haven’t gotten it fixed yet.  Mr. Frugal Turtle is going to look into it and see if he can fix it.

It was a spendy month for car expenses!  My auto insurance was due in July but I paid for it in June.  $322.20 for six months.  Ouch!  I prefer paying for the whole bill at once instead of monthly.  It saves me a couple of dollars every month, plus I don’t have to think about it every month.

Kohl’s is one of the stores I shop at on a regular basis, but only when they send me a 30% coupon!  Well, I got one in the mail last month and Mr. Frugal Turtle and I went on a little shopping spree.  This doesn’t happen too often, so I felt okay spending a little over $100 on this trip.  I paid for Mr. Frugal Turtle’s items and he bought groceries for the week.  We keep our finances separate since we aren’t married (yet!).  It works for us.

on to the numbers!

June Net Worth

I ended June with a net worth of $127,008.29.  Like I mentioned above, I’m over halfway to my year-end goal!

My net worth includes my retirement accounts and my regular savings account.

I use Personal Capital to keep track of my net worth.  Personal Capital is really easy to use and I have to admit, I’m kinda addicted.  You can link your credit cards, banks, and investment accounts to this site and it updates all the time.  I log in and check my net worth almost every single day.  It also has a pretty sweet retirement planner that tells you what you can work on to make your retirement even better.

June Savings

I was able to put $2,066.60 towards retirement in June.  $1,384.60 went towards my 401k and $682 went towards my IRA.  Now that my trip is completely paid off I can focus on maxing out my IRA for the year.  The past few years I’ve had it maxed out by the end of May.  I’m a little behind this year!

Once my IRA is maxed out for the year, I will start throwing money towards my “new car fund” again.  I have an online checking and savings account through Capital One 360 and I really like it!  This is also where I keep my emergency fund, plus I have an online checking account with them as well.  I’ve been banking with them for about 10 years now and I highly suggest them!  With just a few clicks I can transfer money to Mr. Frugal Turtle.  Super easy!

June Income

I took home $2,979.84 in June.  $1,384.60 of that total went directly into my 401k.

My full-time job was my only source of income for the month of June.

June Expenses
Groceries $163.23
Netflix $8.54
Cat food $65.99
Airport food $16.86
Health Insurance $182.52
YMCA donation $4
Clothes from Kohls $105.36
Gas $57.87
Cell Phone $38.41
Oil Change/ Headlight replacement $61.89
Car Insurance $322.2

I spent a grand total of $1,026.87 in June.  Normally I would also have $400 in rent, but Mr. Frugal is still “paying” me back for the trip to Aruba in the form of free rent.  So, if you would include the rent payment, my expenses were slightly higher than normal.  Hopefully my expenses in July are slightly less!

The $4 donation to the YMCA was a little add-on from the resort down in Aruba.  They added on $1 per night.  I could have had it taken off, but I chose to keep it on the bill.

Check out some more of my previous financial updates!
Looking Ahead

July has been spent working 50 hour weeks at work and escaping to the beach whenever possible.  I hate how summer flies by every year.  Pretty soon the leaves will be turning colors and the nights will start turning brisk.  Time needs to slow down!

August will bring a trip down to Minneapolis to visit my best friend from high school followed by the Frugal Turtle’s yearly camping trip.  We still need to decide which beautiful State Park we will be camping in.  Last year we camped in the Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park and we really liked it!

Several years ago we bought a book that reviews all the State Parks in MN and we agreed to try a different State Park every year.  When we return from the camping trip we write down notes about the State Park-what we liked and what we didn’t like.  We include any memorable events (like being woken up every couple of hours by a train going through one of the State Parks).  Lesson learned!  Now we look really closely at the maps of the Parks and double-check for train tracks!

The past couple of years we’ve checked out near-by wineries on the trip back home.  It’s a really fun and relaxing way to end the camping trip! Plus, we always support the wineries and buy several bottles to enjoy at a later date.

we’re halfway through 2017.  are you on your way to reaching your year-end goals?

Frugal Turtle is on Pinterest and recently started a group board for Early Retirement Dreamers.  If you want to join and pin some of your awesome early retirement content, please contact me!


2017 is half over! I'm on my way of reaching my financial goal for the year! This financial update also includes my financial update with net worth.





2 thoughts on “Halfway to My Year-End Goal! and My June Financial Update with Net Worth”

  1. I am impressed every time I read your updates. Your NW gross on your salary is unbelievable. (Seriously, the #s are so hard to comprehend – how are you invested?)

    Keep up the AMAZING work – it’s inspiring!

  2. Hey Mrs. Frugal Turtle,
    Thanks for sharing the net worth update and congratulations on reaching the half way mark to your year-end goal! Also, that’s quite the amount of savings in June. That’s awesome that you were able to do that. In regards to my goals, I’m definitely saving at a much higher percentage rate than the benchmark rate I set for my 2017 goals. I would say that I’m mostly on track to reaching my financial goals for the year. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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