A Trip to Target and My May Financial Update with Net Worth

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How did I spend less than $700 last month? Check out my latest financial update! Find my net worth, income, expenses, and savings totals here.Welcome to May’s Financial Update!

I love writing these financial updates because they’re kinda like a scrapbook of my life.  I can look back and read the updates and remember where I was at a certain time in my life.  They show how far I’ve come!

I can’t believe it’s June already!  We are officially on vacation, even though we haven’t left yet.  It’s just nice to relax at home before we start our travels to ARUBA!!!  I’m planning to do a recap of the vacation after we return, so look out for that!

Even though I’m 36, I’ve traveled so rarely that I have never had a need to buy my own luggage.  I’ve always just borrowed luggage from my parents when I’ve needed it in the past.  I was talking with Mr. Frugal Turtle and we plan to do quite a bit of traveling over the coming years.  So, I splurged on some luggage.  We were at Target and I found a nice luggage set that wasn’t too expensive.  It seems like it’s decent quality, so hopefully it lasts quite a while!

While we were at Target I picked up a present for my one year old nephew.  My sister and I went in together and got him a little indoor/outdoor slide.  When he opened it at the party he was too scared to go down it, but hopefully he warms up to it!

I also paid for some clothes for Mr. Frugal Turtle and I at Target.  He found a couple of t-shirts and a pair of shorts, while I left with a couple of dresses and a new belt.  It was an expensive trip to Target!

Also in May I treated Mr. Frugal Turtle to a movie date!  We went to the cheaper, local movie theater instead of the expensive one in the city and saved about $10 on the tickets, pop and popcorn!  Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome and I highly suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet.

On to the Numbers!

May Net Worth

I ended May with a net worth of $124,175.58.

My goal for this year is to end the year with a net worth of $150k.  If I can reach $125k by the end of June I think I have a good shot of reaching that goal.  I’m getting really close to $125k!

My net worth includes my retirement accounts and my regular savings account.

I use Personal Capital (affiliate link) to keep track of my net worth.  Personal Capital is really easy to use and I have to admit, I’m kinda addicted.  You can link your credit cards, banks, and investment accounts to this site and it updates all the time.  I log in and check my net worth almost every single day.  It also has a pretty sweet retirement planner that tells you what you can work on to make your retirement even better.

May Savings

I was able to put $1,384.60 towards retirement in May.  It all went towards my 401k.  No money was transferred to my IRA because I was still trying to pay off the Aruba trip that I had charged to my credit card before the balance came due and I was charged interest!

May Income

I took home $3,458.18 in May from my full-time job.  That total includes the $1,384.60 that went in my 401k.

My full-time job was my only source of income for May.

May Expenses
Netflix $8.54
Gas $59.77
Groceries $91.84
Health Insurance $182.52
Mother’s day flowers for mom $28.85
2 Movie tickets, popcorn and pop $20
Cell phone $38.41
Domain Name and privacy $27.87
Target $233.16

You will notice I don’t have a rent payment for May.  That’s because I paid for Mr. Frugal Turtle’s Trip to Aruba and this is how he is repaying me.  I don’t owe him rent for about 4 months.

So for May my expenses totaled $690.96.  Even with my normal rent payment added in, my expenses for May would have been $1,090.96.  That’s pretty good!

Check out some of my previous financial updates

The grocery bill was so low this month due to the vacation coming up.  We didn’t want to buy any produce or milk right before the trip.  I’m sure it’ll be higher next month to make up for it!

I had a blogging expense in May with the Domain Name and Privacy payment.  Gotta keep blogging!  I’m having too much fun to quit now!

Looking Ahead

Aruba!  By the time this posts we’ll be enjoying the warm sun and soft sand that only a tropical destination can provide.  🙂

Father’s Day is coming up in June.  I need to figure out a gift.  Dad’s are so hard to find a gift for!

Frugal Turtle is on Pinterest and recently started a group board for Early Retirement Dreamers.  If you want to join and pin some of your awesome early retirement content, please contact me!

How are Your numbers looking for may?  did your net worth increase or decrease?

How did I spend less than $700 last month? Check out my latest financial update! Find my net worth, income, expenses, and savings totals here.


6 thoughts on “A Trip to Target and My May Financial Update with Net Worth”

  1. Not buying certain foods before an upcoming trip is smart. We’ll also try to plan meals with what we have left in our pantry before leaving on vacation as well.

    Have fun on your trip! I’ll definitely ‘spy’ your blog for updates 🙂

    Also, I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy as well and loved it! Glad to hear I’m not the only adult loving such movies! My boyfriend actually got bored and at one point and left me alone in the movie theater. I didn’t mind since he mostly enjoys horror movies, which he always watches alone!

    1. I love all the Marvel movies! They’re awesome! I’m with you on the horror movies, though. I attempt to watch them, because my boyfriend loves them, but I spend most of the movie covering my eyes!

      I’m working on my Aruba recap post. Should be done shortly. I want to go back!!

      Thanks for the comment!

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