November Financial Update with Net Worth

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November Financial Update Hello!

I’m here with November’s financial update.  November was a pretty good month!  I spent a large part of it in the kitchen.

You see, Mr. Frugal Turtle loves pumpkin.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in pie, bread, muffins, bars, or cake.  If pumpkin is in a dessert.  He’s going to love it.

I love pumpkin also.  Maybe not quite as much as Mr. Frugal Turtle, but pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts.

My brother, knowing our love for pumpkins, decided to gift us around 30 pie pumpkins from his garden.  That’s a lot of pumpkin!

I don’t know how many hours I spent in the kitchen roasting, pureeing, draining, measuring, and scooping into freezer bags said pumpkin.  It was a lot!  I told Mr. Frugal Turtle that 2017 will be known as the Year of the Pumpkin in our household!  We’ll be baking and eating pumpkin desserts a couple of times a month if we want to use up all the pumpkin by the end of the year.

Spending so much time in the kitchen must have helped keep my expenses down, because I didn’t spend a whole lot!

The only unusual expenses for that month include an oil change for my car and a badly needed hair cut for me.  I still haven’t jumped on the cut your own hair bandwagon.  I’m scared! So, until I get over my fear, I’ll happily pay to get my hair cut a couple of times a year.

On to the numbers!

November net worth

By the end of November I had a net worth of $101,538.45.  I made my goal of $100k by the end of the year!!  I kept that little number to myself for a couple of days while I soaked it in.  Eventually I told Mr. Frugal Turtle.  He was pretty happy for me.

My net worth includes my retirement accounts and my regular savings account.

November Savings

I was able to put $1,702.20 towards retirement in November.  $1,384.60 went towards my 401k and $317.60 went in my savings account.

I have two savings accounts right now.  One has my emergency fund that I never touch, unless it’s for an emergency.  The second savings account is where all my extra cash goes.  I call it my New Car Fund, but I’ve used it to pay for large medical bills and to pay off my credit card when I use the credit card to pay for a vacation.

However, I try really hard to not transfer any money out of the New Car Fund unless I really need it.  My car has over 190,000 miles on it, so I could need that money next week!  I have no plans to get a new car, unless mine becomes too expensive to fix.  As of right now, it’s running great!

November Income

I took home $2,603.89 in November.  I didn’t get any overtime for that month, so that should be the standard amount.

My full-time job is my only source of income.

November Expenses



Rent $400
Gas $75.36
Netflix $8.54
Groceries $192.93
Gift $41.11
Health Insurance $162.80
Household Supplies $86.64
Oil Change and Car Wash $38.32
Lunch $3.53
Library Late Fee (oops) $4.50
Haircut $35.50
Cell Phone $38.41

My expenses totaled $1,087.64 in November.  After October, it was nice to keep my expenses on the lower side.

The $3.53 lunch was due to having a gift certificate for that deli.  The gift certificate was worth $10, so my total after the gift certificate was applied was $3.53.  Pretty cheap!

The gift expense was a personalized, engraved picture frame for Mr. Frugal Turtle.  He lost his 15-year-old dog recently and I wanted to frame a picture of him with his favorite pal.  :'(

Looking ahead

I ended the year with a rather spendy month.  It was bound to happen with Christmas!  Mr. Frugal Turtle and I don’t exchange gifts, but we still buy presents for family.  It adds up!

In December I  went to an amazing concert!  Trans-Siberian Orchestra plays just about the only Christmas music that I can listen to for hours.  I highly suggest seeing them in concert!

I’ll work on getting December’s numbers posted so I can officially be caught up with these updates!

3 thoughts on “November Financial Update with Net Worth”

  1. Congratulations on that NW milestone! Nothing like seeing a goal achieved… 250k next?!

    I hope MFT appreciates the special gift, that is a sad time. Time give my pup a hug!

    1. Thanks Zed! $250k is so far in the future, I don’t even want to think about it! Honestly, I get a big smile across my face every time my net worth increases by $10,000. It’s the small wins and totals that keep me going!

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