September Financial Update with Net Worth

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september-updateTime flies by way too fast.  How is it almost November already and I’m only now updating the blog with September’s numbers??

You should know, however, that right at this very moment I have pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven.  I can’t wait!!  So. Good.

Also, the trunk of my car has about fifteen small pie pumpkins that I’m excited to make into pies, crisps, breads, cake, muffins and a lot more dishes that I can’t think of right now.  But my pumpkin obsession isn’t why you’re here, is it?

No, no.  You want to hear how I hit $100,000 net worth don’t you?!  Yeah, me to.  Unfortunately you’ll have to wait for that.  I’m still inching closer and closer to that goal.

September was pretty good to me.  I enjoyed a day at the Renaissance Festival with Mr. Frugal Turtle on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  It was a rather non-frugal day for us.  We could have spent quite a bit more there however, and I’m happy with the amount that we spent.

Also in September I bought my most expensive pair of shoes ever.

Was this pair of shoes for a hot date you ask?  No, no it was not.

Were they expensive running shoes tailor-made for my feet?  No again!

Were they a beautiful pair of leather boots that go with just about any outfit??  Sadly, no.  Not that either.

They were…work shoes.  More specifically, Keens.  They really are a nice pair of shoes.  Very comfortable and roomy.  I’m on my feet all day, so having a nice pair of shoes is a must.  Many people at work wear Keen shoes so I figured I’d try them out.  I would say they are worth the money!

Our cat needed food as well in September.  As always, I ordered Orijen.  I love this cat food because it’s biologically appropriate for cats.  However, I’ve noticed that prices have been creeping up and up.  It’s getting a little difficult finding prices that aren’t completely outrageous.  The company has responded by making the packaging smaller.  I’ve noticed they have started selling 12lb bags instead of 15lbs for some of their flavors.  I hate it when companies do that!  The consumers (me) know what you’re up to!

I also had to renew my car registration in September.  However, it wasn’t too expensive for my old beast of a car.  My 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix is running great with 188,000 miles on it!  Hopefully I can keep it running for 2-3 more years!

On to the Numbers!

September Net Worth

I ended September with a net worth of $95,916.14.  

Not too bad!  Still inching ever so closer to my goal of $100k by the end of the year.

My net worth includes my retirement accounts and my regular savings account.

September Savings

I was able to put $3,346.90 towards retirement in September.  $2,076.90 went towards my 401k, while $1,270 went to my savings account. September was a three paycheck month.  Normally, I won’t be able to save that much anymore.  I don’t really get the chance for overtime anymore since I moved to day shift and only work 40 hours a week.

September Income

I took home $4,393.68 in September. This number includes the $2,076.90 that went to my 401k.  My full time day job is my only source of income.  

September Expenses

Rent $400
Health Insurance $244.20
Renaissance Festival $89
Groceries and Household items $250.33
Netflix $8.54
Gas $61.53
Cell Phone $38.41
Cat Food $67.99
Car Registration $52.27
Shoes (Keens) $125

My expenses were $1,337.27 in September.  The groceries and household items category is pretty much a catch-all for groceries, health and beauty items, and household items.  We do a lot of shopping at Target and instead of separating out items into their own category, I just lump them all together.

Looking Ahead

As I’m finishing up writing this, it’s almost the end of October!  Oops.  I will try to be a little more timely with these Net Worth Reports.  I also really want to up my blogging game and create more interesting posts.  I guess I just get distracted really easily.

October had me spend a day shopping for clothes.  It was horrible!  I hate clothes shopping, but I have a lot of old clothes that I can’t really wear outside the house anymore.  I just wanted to update my wardrobe with some more items.

October also had me spend money on a desperately needed car repair.  But that’ll be in next months report!

Happy Halloween everybody!


Do you splurge on your pets?  Do you buy the premium pet food or the cheaper pet food?

14 thoughts on “September Financial Update with Net Worth”

  1. You are so close to 100k!! 🙂 Good for you…I’m thinking in the next month or two you’ll be there!

    Yes, Keens are woth the expense if they fit you well. Those babies will last forever…like your car. I also drive an 01 but it’s a Honda CRV. You totally have me beat on miles but I plan to drive her into the ground!!

    1. I would be so happy if I made my goal of $100k by the end of the year! I really hope I can do it!

      I’ve thought about getting a Honda CRV as my next vehicle. I’ve heard they’re great! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I can’t believe it’s November already either! This past year has flown by. My blog will be a year old now later this month.
    And by the way, holding expenses to less than $1400 is fantastic! That’s a number I need to aim for. Your net worth is looking great too! Have a great week! 🙂

  3. Great job. I wish I’d been that disciplined when I was younger. I am working with my niece who has 30k in student loan debt, a car payment and a very modest income. I’ll pass your link in to her.

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